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Photometer 8000 User Manual
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Photometer 8000 Instrument
Equally at home in the laboratory or in the field, the Photometer 8000 is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use multiparameter photometer.

Simple Yet Sophisticated
The Photometer 8000 is designed to be simple to operate yet sophisticated enough to serve the needs of the modern laboratory with USB connectivity, a large multi-lingual touchscreen interface and a sample holder to accept cuvettes of 13 – 20 mm diameter.

Laboratory or Field
Powered by mains or ‘AA’ batteries, the Photometer 8000 is available as a stand-alone instrument (with essential accessories) or a field kit packed into a robust case including accessories.

Touchscreen Interface
The large touchscreen interface allows users to choose tests, create shortcuts to frequently used parameter methods and permit/deny administration rights to selected users. Instrument software contains self-diagnostic routines to simplify routine validation protocols.

Barcode Reader
Tubetests reagents are labelled with unique barcodes which will automatically set the correct method and analyse the sample without user input or method selection – just insert the sample and the Photometer 8000 takes care of the rest.

Large Data Memory
The data memory holds 1,000 results appended with time, date, user, Sample ID (alphanumeric), method and units. Downloading the log is carried out via the USB or RS232 connection. Once downloaded, the comma separated variable (CSV) format can be opened and manipulated using a variety of spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets.

Wide Range of Applications
Parameters supported range from aluminium to zinc with formats such a blister packaged tablets, powders and the Tubetests range of nutrient, COD and heavy metal liquid reagents.

Add Extra Tests
The USB functionality also provides the opportunity to upload new User Defined Tests in a simple data table. Up to 50 tests can be created to further enhance the vast range of parameters available on the Photometer 8000. Alternatively, create a User Defined Test from the touchscreen directly.

Warranty and Support
The Photometer 8000 is provided with a two year warranty and supported by the full range of Palintest technical support, instrument service and application knowledge.