In 2021, Aquatic Life Ltd, a leading provider of water monitoring
solutions, collaborated with WSP of Canada to address the pressing
issue of hydrocarbon contamination in the drinking water supply
of Iqaluit, Nunavut. With extensive expertise in water monitoring
spanning over 37 years, Aquatic Life played a vital role in consulting with
engineers and the city to implement an innovative online monitoring
solution. This case study highlights the successful partnership between
Aquatic Life, WSP, s::can and the City of Iqaluit, showcasing the
deployment of cutting-edge technology, expedited decision-making,
and the restoration of public confidence in the water supply. View

Aquatic Life Ltd, a long-standing partner of Palintest® in Canada,
has been instrumental in supporting Environmental Public Health
Services (EPHS) within the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch
of Indigenous Services Canada. With the deployment of Kemio™
water testing devices, Aquatic Life has helped EPHS ensure the
ongoing surveillance and testing of drinking water supplies in
First Nations communities across the country. View

Union Water Supply System (UWSS) has emerged as a trailblazer
in adopting new, innovative water technologies and practices.
Through implementation of the pipe::scan, UWSS has achieved: water
conservation, precise and consistent results, reduced maintenance
costs, and real-time data monitoring for 10 parameters. This cutting edge monitoring solution not only enhances distribution water quality
and management, but also improves drinking water safety through its
real-time alarm capabilities and enhanced event detection software. View

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