Use it as a stand-alone or with the high-end terminal con::cube V3

The spectro::lyser V3 is very versatile. You can simply connect it via Bluetooth or WLAN with your mobile device. Configure the spectro::lyser V3 via the user-friendly web interface Io::Tool and visualize data there. For even more possibilities on connecting/interfacing other sensors, SCADA or any central database the terminal con::cube V3 is the perfect solutions. It is a compact, powerful and versatile terminal for data acquisition and station control. Due to its low power consumption, this terminal fits the requirements for operation in remote installation sites

mobile device with Io::Tool

con::cube V3 terminal with moni::tool

Wireless communication 

Communicates directly with your mobile device via bluetooth or WLAN. No terminal Required

Web server on board – IoT enabled 

No additional software is needed to configure the probe.

Extremely Power efficient

Sleep mode with only 2 mW power consumption.

Huge 8GB on Board memory

Allows logging data for long term monitoring

Spectro::lyser v3 in remote/Stand-alone application

Optical Information Ring

Everything Okay

Sensor in Service Mode

Parameter or Device Alarm

Three different optical path lengths

Drinking water: 35mm

Surface Water: 5mm

Waste Water: 1mm

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