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Compact Ammonia Duo Meter

Measure ammonia and ammonium in drinking water, wastewater or environmental samples with the widest choice of working ranges.

Perfect for any situation where ammonia monitoring is required, the Compact Ammonia Duo offers a choice of Nessler or Indophenol method analysis and reagent formats. Among the features are:

    • Simple method selection and automatic retention of the last method used
    • Widest choice of operating ranges – from low range drinking water testing to high range wastewater levels in a single instrument
    • Convenient reagents formats – choose either Tubetests or tablet reagents.

Soft case and hard case kits contain all the components required to start testing immediately including a set of tablet reagents. Neutral Density Filter (NDF) Check Standards are available to validate performance of your meter in the field part of the Palintest technical support offering.