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Photometer 7500 Bluetooth Manual
Multiparameter Photometer Range Brochure
Photometer 7500 Bluetooth

The Photometer 7500 Bluetooth is the basis of our most popular water testing kits due its versatility and its simple to use interface. It’s designed to provide laboratory accuracy in a multiparameter photometer suitable for a number of applications including drinking water, wastewater/effluent or process water.

Improved Data Management
The simple test method is just the start. Results generated are stored with Sample ID for multiple site management, Operator ID for user management and additional result details for traceability. Define control limits for individual samples and use the visual ‘Aqua Pal’ reporting interface for rapid control decisions.

Bluetooth SMART Connectivity
Link to the latest generation of smartphones and tablets with the most reliable and low energy Bluetooth system. Upload data on the fly or as a batch when more convenient to the new Aqua Pal app and the secure Palintest Portal.

Huge Range of Parameters and Tests
From drinking water to wastewater, private wells to power plants the Photometer 7500 Bluetooth has the capability to measure over 50 parameters using over 100 methods. Control and compliance of all types of water samples included in a single instrument.

Up to 30 Additional User Defined Tests
Create up to 30 additional tests to truly customize your Photometer 7500 Bluetooth. Adding new tests is simple using our User Defined Tests app.

Hotkey Operation for Favourite Tests
Assign the 10 most used tests to the keypad for single button access. Completely flexible, choose from any of the pre-programmed tests available or User Defined Tests and change when required.

Waterproof USB Port
For data download, upgrade to new versions of operating software and uploading additional User Defined Tests, the USB port is also used to provide mains power when available.

Ideal for Laboratory or Portable Use
Constructed to IP67 waterproof standards, the low power use and robust construction support operation in even the most challenging environment.

Enhanced Validation of Results
Provide an audit trail to result data with the Check Standard validation mode now included as standard. Simply enter the certified values, follow the on-screen prompts and demonstrate result validity automatically.

Large Data Storage
Record up to 500 data sets including Operator ID and Sample ID. Results can be downloaded to the new Aqua Pal app using the Bluetooth SMART connectivity. Alternatively download via the USB port as a CSV format data file and open/manipulate using any appropriate software (Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheet etc.)