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SA1100 User Manual
Sensor Technology Brochure

SA1100 Scanning Analyzer

The SA1100 Scanning Analyzer delivers USEPA-approved field measurement of lead. Also available for copper testing. This robust, portable instrument features unique, disposable sensor technology.

Using the principle of voltammetry, the SA1100 Scanning Analyzer can accurately determine concentrations of lead and copper in a wide range of sample types. Features of the SA1100 include:

    • Simple test protocol – fill the sample container, add the buffer tablet, insert the sensor and close the lid – that’s it!
    • Accurate and sensitive – with a lower limit of detection of 2 ppb of lead or 50 ppb of copper, the SA1100 can detect the smallest heavy metal contamination
    • Waterproof and battery powered field instrument supplied in a shoulder case with all accessories required for immediate testing.

The SA1100 Scanning Analyzer has a waterproof USB port for instrument set-up and data download of the result memory. Being USEPA-approved for lead, field analysis for lead and copper has never been so simple.

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