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Compact Turbimeter

ISO7027 compliant measurement of turbidity in drinking water, wastewater and surface water with Total Suspended Solids (TSS) capability.

True ISO7027 Compliance
Both Nephelometric turbidity measurement and compensated measurement for higher turbidity values, the Compact Turbimeter is truly compliant with the international standard.

Wide Measurement Range
Offering a turbidity range from 0 – 1050 NTU, the Compact Turbimeter is supplied with a dilution tube for samples with even higher levels of turbidity.

Reliable Measurement in all Samples
The QuadoptiX system operates as four independent turbidity measurements – two at 90° and two at 180°. Using all measurements allows any sample variation, cuvette contamination and optical fouling to be removed from the measurement system – a unique approach in a portable instrument.

Total Suspended Solids Measurement
Relating turbidity to a weight of suspended solids is a simple operation of correlating gravimetric results to turbidity values recorded in the instrument. Once correlation is established, simply choose the TSS mode and read samples as mg/l Suspended Solids.

Waterproof and Battery Powered
Built to withstand immersion to IP67 specification, and with an exceptionally low power consumption, the Compact Turbimeter is an ideal field instrument.

User and Sample ID Control
Multiple-user IDs and Sample IDs can be tagged to results and recorded in the result and calibration log. The Sample ID allows site specification correlation to be created for individual sample points.

Warranty and Support
The Compact Turbimeter is provided with a two year warranty and supported by the full range of Palintest technical support, instrument service and application knowledge.