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Drinking water redo::lyser specifications


redo::lyser eco monitors ORP & temperature
redo::lyser pro: high temperature range

The redo::lyser is a long-term stable and maintenance free sensor for the on-line measurement of the redox potential immersed in the medium or in a flow cell. Thanks to a groundbreaking reference electrode, high precision is guaranteed in virtually any medium and under harshest conditions. It is pre-calibrated ex works and immediately ready for use.

“Why do we measure”
In drinking water treatment the redo::lyser is used mainly for process monitoring and control of treatment steps that result in significant changes of the oxidation-reduction potential. Besides this the redo::lyser is also applied as a component in early warning systems that monitor source water quality, both in ground and
surface water.

Measuring the oxidation-reduction potential continuously for control of biological nitrogen removal is being increasingly replaced by monitoring nitrate or ammonium online. However, especially the infl ection points in the ORP registered by the redo::lyser are well known and often irreplaceable parameters for the process control of the biological waste water treatment.

“How do we measure”
The redo::lyser is a probe that measures the oxidation-reduction potential (also known as redox potential) and temperature directly in the water. The non-porous, solid state reference electrode ensures excellent ORP readings and a long lifetime of the electrode.