Pooltest 25 Bluetooth

Designed for the pool professional, take complete control with the most comprehensive range of test parameters in a pool photometer. Supplied in a variety of kit formats and now with Bluetooth SMART connectivity.


Complete Pool and Spa Control
Test water quality for all types of swimming pools, aquatic leisure facilities, spas and hot tubs with the largest range of parameters in a pool photometer. Used at major swimming events including Beijing 2008 and London 2012, the Pooltest 25 Bluetooth is the professional choice.

Single Key Access to the Most Common Tests
To speed up the testing process, the numeric keypad also functions as a direct access to the ten most commonly used tests to simplify testing and save time.

Simple Tablet Test Methods
Tablet reagents are consistent, stable and portable but the key advantage is the simplicity of the test. New and experienced users alike can generate critical water quality data quickly and reliably.

USB and Bluetooth SMART Connectivity
Whether in the pool pump room or at poolside, the data produced using the Pooltest 25 Bluetooth can be shared instantly or at a convenient moment using either the waterproof USB port or Bluetooth SMART connection to a smartphone or tablet.

Robust Construction
Protected to IP67 rating, the Pooltest 25 Bluetooth can operate anywhere and is built to withstand the working environment of the pool professional.

Standard and Extended Range DPD Methods Included
Test for either standard (0 – 5 ppm Cl2) or extended (0 – 10 ppm Cl2) ranges for chlorine levels in a single instrument.

Water Balance Options
Choose either Palintest or Langelier Saturation Index for Water Balance monitoring and control corrosion or scaling risk effectively.

Choice of Kit Formats
Available as a waterproof Engineers Kit for the most demanding applications or as a Standard Kit, mobile users have a choice of formats depending on need and budget. For fixed installation, the Pooltest 25 Bluetooth is available as a Benchtop kit.

Warranty and Technical Support
With a 2 year warranty, all users of the Pooltest 25 Bluetooth enjoy the benefits of the Palintest technical knowledge regarding photometer based testing and the lengthy application experience developed over the last half a century.


Features include:

      • Test all pool parameters from disinfection control to Water Balance using the convenient and simple Palintest reagent system
      • Completely waterproof and supplied in a variety of kit formats for use poolside, in the vehicle or permanently installed in the pump room
      • Featuring both Bluetooth SMART connectivity and USB port, data download and sharing with the team via smartphones and tablets has never been so easy.

Delivered with all accessories and components required to start work immediately and supplied with a 2 year warranty, the Pooltest 25 Bluetooth continues to set the standard for professional pool testing equipment.

Instrument Type Dual light source colorimeter offering direct-reading of pre-programmed test calibrations, Absorbance and Transmittance.
Peak Wavelengths: 450nm, 500nm, 550nm, 570nm, 600nm, 650nm
Accuracy: ± 1.0% T
Display: 320 x 240 pixel LCD with backlight and contrast adjustment for all light conditions
User Interface: On-screen prompts available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Turkish and Mandarin (Chinese). Keypad for alphanumeric entry and test selection
Size (W x L x H) and Weight 150 x 250 x 70mm, 975 g
IP Rating: IP67
Power Supply 3 x 1.5v ‘AA’ batteries, mains power delivered via USB port

Connectivity Palintest Bluetooth SMART (4.0) profile and USB for data download, software upload
Memory Capacity: Up to 1000 data sets. Each data set includes date, time, Sample ID, Operator ID, method number, method name, result, units
NameStarter Pack (50 tests)Replacement Pack (250 tests)
Total Alkalinity (Alkaphot)PM 188AP 188
AluminiumPM 166 AP 166
AmmoniaPM 152PM 152
BrominePM 060AP 060
Calcium Hardness (Calcicol)PM 252AP 252
Chloride/Salt (Chloridol)PM 268AP 268
Chlorine – Free (DPD 1)PM 011AP 011
Chlorine – Free, extended range (DPD XF)PM 013AP 013
Chlorine – Free, Combined and Total (DPD 1 and DPD 3)PM 031AP 031
Chlorine – Free, Combined and Total, extended range (DPD XF and DPD XT) PM 033AP 033
Chlorine – Total (DPD 4) PM 041AP 041
Chlorine – Total (DPD 3 only)AP 031/1
Chlorine – Total, extended range (DPD XT only) AP 033/1
Chlorine HRPM 162AP 162
Copper – Free, Combined and Total (Coppercol)PM 186AP 186
Copper – FreeAP 187
Cyanuric AcidPM 087AP 087
Hardness – Total (Hardicol)PM 254AP 254
Hydrogen Peroxide HRPM 105AP 105
Iron LRAP 155
Manganese HRPM 174AP 174
Nitrate (Nitratest)PM 163AP 163 (200 tests)
Ozone (DPD method) PM 056AP 056
pH – Phenol Red PM 130AP 130
Phosphate LR PM 177AP 177 (200 tests)
AP 177 (200 tests)PM 154AP 154
PT 804 Pooltest 25 Professional Plus Check Standards Validation standards for Pooltest 25 Professional Plus with certificate. Supplied in hard transport/storage case PT 595/5 Photometer Cuvettes Pack of 5 glass cuvettes with caps. 20mm OD, 77mm tall with 10ml graduation. PT 501 Cuvette Rack Rack for PT 595. Holds 8 cuvettes. PT 502 Crush/Stirring Rods Pack of 10 crush/stirring rods PT 663 Cuvette Brush For cleaning cuvettes, length 120mm