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Compact Ozone Meter
The Compact Ozone meter provides ozone testing using the DPD method in a waterproof, portable instrument. Ideal for drinking water, wastewater treatment and bottled water production.

Offering a wide dynamic range and a simple testing procedure, measuring ozone is a quick and easy process suitable for all. Wherever ozone is used as a disinfectant, the Compact Ozone meter is part of the control method. Key features include:

      • DPD tablet method – accurate, simple and stable for years
      • Long cuvette pathlength for superb resolution at low levels
      • Waterproof to IP67 and battery powered take the Compact Ozone meter anywhere.

Supplied in either a hard or soft case kit, the Compact Ozone meter is a single tablet method with the option of correcting for chlorine or bromine in the sample. Supported with a full range of consumables and unique Neutral Density Filter (NDF) check standards for field validation.