Compact Ozone Meter
The Compact Ozone meter provides ozone testing using the DPD method in a waterproof, portable instrument. Ideal for drinking water, wastewater treatment and bottled water production.

Offering a wide dynamic range and a simple testing procedure, measuring ozone is a quick and easy process suitable for all. Wherever ozone is used as a disinfectant, the Compact Ozone meter is part of the control method. Key features include:

      • DPD tablet method – accurate, simple and stable for years
      • Long cuvette pathlength for superb resolution at low levels
      • Waterproof to IP67 and battery powered take the Compact Ozone meter anywhere.

Supplied in either a hard or soft case kit, the Compact Ozone meter is a single tablet method with the option of correcting for chlorine or bromine in the sample. Supported with a full range of consumables and unique Neutral Density Filter (NDF) check standards for field validation.

Measuring System Dual LED source, direct-reading colorimeter
Range 0 – 3 mg/l Ozone Display High clarity LCD with backlight
User Interface Blank, read, function and power keys
Data Storage Last 10 results
Size (W x L x H) 65 x 150 x 40 mm
Weight 200g (including batteries)
Power Supply 2 x ‘AA’ batteries
NameRangeStarter Pack (50 tests)Replacement Pack (250 tests)
Ozone (DPD method)0 – 3 mg/l O3PM 056AP 056
PTC 043 NDF Check Standards for Compact Ozone Meter Validation standards for Compact Ozone meter. Supplied in hard case with certification
AT 056 DPD Glycine 250 tablets for chlorine and/or bromine correction
PT 555 Compact Cuvette Pack Replacement cuvettes for Compact meter – pack of 5