ammo::lyser eco/pro

Can monitor NH4-N, temperature, pH, and NO3-N


ammo::lyser eco
– ammo::lyser II eco: monitors NH4-N and temperature
– ammo::lyser III eco+pH: monitors additionally pH
– ammo::lyser III eco+NO3-N: monitors additionally NO3-N
– ammo::lyser IV eco+pH+NO3-N: monitors additionally pH and NO3-N

ammo::lyser pro
– ammo::lyser III pro: monitors NH4-N and temperature
– ammo::lyser IV pro+pH monitors NH4-N, temperature, pH (with potassium compensation)
– ammo::lyser IV pro+NO3-N monitors NH4-N, temperature und NO3-N (with potassium compensation)


– s::can plug & measure
– measuring principle: ISE (ionselective electrodes) – with optional potassium compensation
– multiparameter probe
– long term stable, factory precalibrated
– automatic cleaning with compressed air
– unique, non-porous / non-leaking reference electrode for technically unrivalled and consistent performance
– ISE refurbishment – the easy way to minimise maintenance
– easy & quick mounting and measurement directly in the media (InSitu) or in flow cell (monitoring station)
– operation via s::can terminals & s::can software
– automatical temperature compensation, pH compensation possible
– ideal for surface water, ground water and drinking water, also for applications in waste water
– minimal maintenance
– life time of ISE: typically 6 month (for applications <1mg/l NH4-N), resp. 1 to 2 years (for applications >1mg/l NH4-N)