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WebComm Card

The MACE WebComm card provides all MACE XCi devices the ability to automatically upload internal logged data to the web-based MACE Data Server or HydroVu Data Services via mobile telephone networks.

The MACE Data Server is integrated with the website, and allows easy access for field data retrieval. HydroVu Data Services is a cloud-based data platform that integrates In-Situ and MACE sensors in one central location, simplifying data analysis and allowing site tagging and user management.

  • Compatible with all XCi devices
  • Provides remote access to your data
  • Powered by and housed in the XCi device
  • Data pushed from your XCi device to the MACE Data Server or HydroVu Data Services where it is available for retrieval on your PC or smartphone
  • SMS/Email alert subscription service available