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Pooltest 9 Bluetooth Manual
Pool and Spa Range Brochure

Pooltest 9 Bluetooth

Including the nine most important pool and spa parameters, water quality testing has never been so simple or connected.

Essential Pool and Spa Control
Test the most essential parameters for water quality control including chlorine, pH and Water Balance.

Access Tests via a Single Button Push
Use the keypad to select required tests with a single button push – no scrolling or entering of test numbers

Simple Tablet Test Methods
Tablet reagents are consistent, stable and portable but the key advantage is the simplicity of the test. New and experienced users alike can generate critical water quality data quickly and reliably.

Bluetooth SMART Connectivity
Connect wirelessly with a range of smartphones and tablets to upload, share and assign control limits to key parameters and locations

USB Connectivity
Providing data download in standard CSV format and an alternative power source, USB cables are included as standard in all Pooltest 9 Bluetooth kits.

Standard and Extended Range DPD Methods Included
Test for either standard (0 – 5 ppm Cl2) or extended (0 – 10 ppm Cl2) ranges for chlorine levels in a single instrument.

Water Balance Options
Choose either Palintest or Langelier Saturation Index for Water Balance monitoring and control corrosion or scaling risk effectively.

Designed for the Mobile Technicians and Pool Managers
The Pooltest 9 Bluetooth is available in a portable Standard Kit for mobile pool service technicians and as a Benchtop version for permanent installation at the pool or spa.

Warranty and Technical Support
Enjoy peace of mind with a 2 year warranty and access to decades of experience in pool and spa water quality testing.