s::can’s revolutionary new software.


Moni::tool is a revolutionary new platform for the management of an almost unlimited number of stations, online probes, analyzers and parameters. Intuitive operation on site or remote and reams of valuable features make moni::tool essential for state of the art sensor and station management.

    • Automatic data export
    • Use custom free formulas
    • SMS notifications
    • Autosampler
    • PLC Tools
    • Camera Integration
    • Management for an almost unlimited number of stations, probes and parameters
    • Automatic installation of all s::can probes
    • Open platform talks to almost any probe type, ideal to bring quality to your existing monitoring stations
    • Smart-phone-style, intuitive touch interface allows intuitive operation of sensor and station by non-expert staff
    • Minimal user input necessary, Few input options = few input mistakes
    • User management: Basic / Advanced / Expert user level
    • Data Integration into any modern data exchange system
    • Probes and stations can be accessed from any suitable device
    • Can be run from any standard web browser e.g. via PC, Tablet, Notebook or Smart Phone
    • Impressive real-time zoomable, scrollable graphical visualization of all historical data including 3D-optical spectra
    • Optimal display readability with Classic-, Day- and Night-Mode
    • Quality controlled and documented status management of probes and stations eliminate the need for paper log books
    • Station and probe management for 100% transparent documentation
    • Easy customization of tools, devices and protocols
    • Clear text help messages
    • Available languages: English, German, Chinese, Spanish and Japanese
    • Can be used in a small monitoring station as well as in the heart of a large central data collection system
    • Large local database for collection and management of all incoming data
    • Any parameter input of any type of probecan be fed in managed and analyzed in real time
    • Multi sample function to calibrate all installed probes with minimal effort
    • Protected by a user-configurable firewall