micro::station for Drinking Water

The fully modular micro::station combines s::can instruments in a compact and versatile system.


The s::can microstation presents a complete solution, as the user only has to connect water supply and discharge lines to receive at no extra cost a previously unheard variety of immediately available information and parameters.

The s::can drinking water micro::station is designed for online monitoring of water quality parameters in clean media. The required components (spectro::lyser, s::can probes and controller) are factory assembled with all required flow cells, mounting fittings and pipework on a compact panel.


Options for s::can micro::station


  • con::cube
  • con::lyte 1 eco
  • con::lyte 2
  • con::lyte 4

Spectrometer probe

  • spectro::lyser
  • carbo::lyser
  • color::lyser
  • multi::lyser
  • nitro::lyser
  • ozo::lyser
  • uv::lyser

Flow cell for spectrometer probe

  • flow-cell (by-pass fitting), POM-C (for pathlengths from 1 mm to 35 mm)
  • flow-cell (by-pass fitting), POM-C (for pathlength 100 mm)
  • flow-cell (by-pass fitting) autobrush, POM-C (for pathlength 35 mm)
  • flow-cell (by-pass fitting) autobrush, POM-C (for pathlength 100 mm)

System tubing

  • inside diameter 6 mm, outside diameter 8 mm

Flow detector

  • flow detector

Inlet strainer

  • inlet strainer

Pressure transmitter

  • pressure transmitter for micro::station (optional)

Main panel

  • system panel micro::station US
  • system panel micro::station EU
  • system panel micro::station add-on module EU
  • system panel micro::station add-on module US

Flow restrictor unit

  • automatic flow restrictor unit
  • flow adjustment valve

Physical probes

  • pH::lyser
  • redo::lyser
  • condu::lyser
  • chlori::lyser

Physical probe or ISE probe

  • ammo::lyser eco
  • ammo::lyser pro
  • fluor::lyser
  • chlorid::lyser
  • oxi::lyser
  • soli::lyser

Flow cell for ISE probe or physical probe

  • ammo::lyser flow-cell (by-pass setup), POM-C
  • oxi::lyser flow-cell
  • oxi::lyser flow-cell

Flow cell for physical probes

  • flow-cell for up to 4 s::can physical probes, POM-C
  • s::can physical probe flow-cell (by-pass setup), POM-C