Baro TROLL Data Logger

Records barometric pressure to compensate for changes in water level due to barometric fluctuations.

The BaroTROLL Data Logger measures and logs barometric pressure and temperature, data needed to compensate for water level changes due to barometric fluctuations. Use this data logger with non-vented (absolute) Aqua TROLL 100/200 or Level TROLL 400/700 water level loggers, or use it with vented systems to calculate barometric efficiency. Baro Merge software handles the rest, automatically post-correcting water level measurements for you.

  • Automatic atmospheric compensation for Level TROLL and Aqua TROLL water level loggers
  • Titanium construction
  • Sub-1 inch diameter for easy fit
  • Win-Situ 5 and Baro Merge software
  • NIST calibration report
    • Simplify data processing – Software post-corrects multiple data logger files from a single unit. Easily graph data, generate reports and export to Excel or other applications.
    • Fits any deployment – Sub-1 inch construction fits small-diameter wells.
    • Easy setup and control – User-friendly software minimizes training and installation, and instruments easily connect to your telemetry system for real-time data and alerts.
    • Save money and time in the field – Rugged titanium construction outlasts specially coated data loggers, with batteries that last 10+ years.
Product Specs
Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions8.5 x 0.72 in
Protocols4-20 mA, Modbus/RS485, SDI-12
Memory1.0 MB
Battery Type3.6 V lithium
Diameter1.83 cm (0.72 in.) OD
Level/Depth/Pressure Sensor Accuracy @ 15°C±0.05% Full Scale
Warranty3 Year
Battery Life10 years