The Yellow Box

The Yellow box can retrieve information from any type of sensor. Depending on the environment, data can be retrieved remotely, over the internet or by visiting the site.


We developed the Yellow Box – a system based on our initial Still Well Design that has already been deployed dozens of times in rough mining environments – to provide remote deployment capabilities to a wide variety of sensors. A key element, responsible for the system’s success, is that it utilizes batteries that are reliable and meet specifications for operating in all Canadian regions (Operating Temp -40C to +80C for charging and discharging).

Four major components to the Yellow Box:

    • Data Logger Module
    • Communications Module
    • Power Module
    • Deployment Module

Data Logger Module
The box comes with a data storage module with a USB stick port. From the various modbus-based or analogue sensors deployed, all the signals are sent to the data logger where they are saved to the internal memory bank.

Retrieving the data from the various sensors being deployed offers a challenge. Depending on the environment and application, it may be required that the data be retrieved remotely, over the internet or visiting the site. The choices available include but are not limited to LED display, USB stick, and telemetry (satellite, radio, or cell phone).

Power Module
The Power Module provides the energy for the monitoring box and its sensors. The basic power module comes with an 8 amp-hour battery, 20 watt solar panel, solar controller and, if more power is required, a 25 amp-hour battery.

Deployment Module
The Yellow Box can be deployed in most environments from water streams and lakes, to deserts and mountains. The company has developed a pontoon as well as buoy platform for stream, river or lake monitoring.


Power: 20W Solar panel (larger available), Wind turbine (optional)

Inputs: Up to 32* Modbus-based instruments, 2 analogue inputs


      •  Multiple port connections
      • 1x Solar panel connector
      • 1x Wind turbine connector
      • 1x LED Display connector
      • 1x External Antenna connector
    • Integrate multiple Modbus-based and/or analogue sensors into a single station
    • Access Station Data by integrating our optional radio, cellular or satellite telemetry packages
    • Supplies required power to connected instruments
    • Add Wind Power and/or our Battery Box for higher-demand applications or deployments where solar energy is less reliable
    • Custom programming available – Calculate flow rates or apply corrections to the live data, send alerts and notifications
    • Optional high-visibility LED display can show any measured value
    • Multiple deployment platforms available-Deploy at a well, by a flume/weir, on a buoy or pontoon
    • Ready for Canadian climates: Batteries are rated for temperature extremes from -40C to 80C