The Yellow Box

Pontoon Monitoring Station

Accurate water measurements in the middle of a surface water body and obtaining that data wirelessly is a tricky task.

Aquatic Life® has developed “The Yellow Box  Pontoon Monitoring Station,” which solves this issue. The Pontoon Monitoring Station allows for accurate real time measurements in the middle of a surface water body. This rugged, stand-alone system has been developed and successfully deployed in locations where the Pontoon Monitoring Station is not accessible on a day by day basis. The ruggedly designed station effortlessly handles harsh winter and summer conditions.


-Monitor all desired parameters from the middle of a water body in real time.

-Retrieve data from anywhere wirelessly with telemetry (satellite, radio, or cell phone).

-Our probe anchoring system Water level monitoring is made easy!

-Ability to monitor data through winter. Batteries are rated for (-40°C to 80°C )

-Fixed or mobile station

-Measure at various depths in the water column

-Reliable and large source of power